دِل دریا خواجہ دیاں لہراں، گھُمن گھیر ہزاراں ھُو
رہن دلیلاں وچ فکر دے بیحد بے شماراں ھُو
ہِک پردیسی دوجا نیوں لگ گیا تریّا بے سمجھی دیاں ماراں ھُو
ہسنط  کھیڈن سبھ بھلیا باھُوؒ جَد عِشق چنگھایاں دھاراں ھُو


Heart is river of Khidr’s tidal waves with thousands of whirlpools in it Hoo

Thoughts remain within imaginations countless and infinite Hoo

Firstly I am foreigner and secondly I fell in love thirdly sufferings of innocence’s infest Hoo

I have forgotten all laughs and puns ‘Bahoo’ when ardent love made me feel its zest Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

My heart is river of Gnostics of Allah and there are thousands of tidal waves like whirlpool. Within the river of Gnostics there are tidal waves of thoughts and concerns. Due to the fact that my homeland is la-makan (Where time and space cannot be confined) and I am here as migrant. Who had the marching order by Allah to descent down until prescribed time. Secondly because I was naive and fell in love with Divine essence, such love which no other creation being was prepared to sustain such burden and yet human being has sacrificed his worldly pleasure and embraced and His ardent love has captured my heart. I have forgotten all pleasures of worldly entertainments.

Heart is like tidal waves of Khawaja, with many whirlpools in it - Hoo,

Thoughts and concerns swirl in it, countless - Hoo,

First I am an alien and, secondly fell in love, thirdly victim of ignorance - Hoo,

I have forgotten all laughter and fun Bahoo, when Ishq (love) made me feel its zest - Hoo.



Here reference is being made to Hadhrat Khawaja Khidhr A.S., who lives in waters and guides those travelling there.