ذاتی نال نہ ذاتی رلیا سو کم ذات سڈیوے ھُو
نفس کتے نوں بنھ کراہاں فہماً فہم کچیوے ھُو
ذات صفاتوں مہناطں آوے جداں ذاتی شوق نپیوے ھُو
نام فقیر تنہاں دا باھُوؒ قبر جنہاں دی جیوے ھُو


Until you do not unite with Divine essence you will be seen lowest Hoo

Tie up base self the dog and make mince of this beast Hoo

Will be ashamed from essence and attributes if personal desires survive Hoo

Thy name is faqeer ‘Bahoo’ whose grave is alive Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

You will be perceived low if not in unity with Divine essence through contemplation of Ism-e-Allah zaat. Cut up your nafs it is a greedy dog who always follows its filthy instincts. When one initiates contemplation of Ism-e-Allah zaat and he has worldly desires in his heart, he is ashamed by his own worldly desires. Faqeer (person of spiritual excellence) is such whose grave is alive. Those faqeer have the authority and power to pass guidance to humankind from their graves.

As long as a person does not identify himself with the Essence, it stays at lower level - Hoo,

‘Self’ (evil) is a dog that should be chained to get understanding - Hoo,

Self and personal traits are matter of shame when true love of God is attained - Hoo,

The title of ‘Faqeer’ (Mystic) is only for those Bahoo; who are alive in their graves - Hoo.


Man is basically an animal with many traits like Dogs: He lives in the ideas which fulfill his carnal desire; but the insignia of a person who is free from worldly desire never dies and his grave confirms it