دل بازار تے منہ دروازہ سینہ شہر ڈسینْدا ھُو
روح سوداگر نفس ہے راہزن جہڑا حق دا راہ مرینْدا ھُو
جاں توڑی ایہہ نفس نہ ماریں تاں ایہہ وقت کھڑینْدا ھُو
کردا ہے زایا ویلا باھُوؒ جان نوں تاک مرینْدا ھُو


Heart is town mouth is gate and in breast city it seems Hoo

Spirit is merchant and base self is bandit upon true path stoppage it deems Hoo

Until you kill this base self, you will be wasting your time in extreme Hoo

Wasting your time ‘Bahoo’ it will target your spirit until its extinction is redeem Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

I see my heart as town of my beloved, my mouth as gate and breast as city. Whereby spirit is the trader of pearls of marifah and nafs is bandit, which always causes all kinds of obstacles and hindrances upon the path of truth. Your effort will go to waste it will target your spirit until its ruin is achieved.

Breast is the city, heart is bazaar therein and the mouth is the gate - Hoo,

Soul is merchant and self (Nafs) is a bandit who robs the way to Truth - Hoo,

Until you kill the self’s (Nafs) desires, you will be wasting time - Hoo,

All your efforts are useless Bahoo, and you lose life (in this ignorance) - Hoo.



In the market of spiritualism, the soul tries to make a bargain, but Nafs (self) tries to jeopardize, as it could lead to someone’s materialistic loss.