The desciples of Gouth Al-Azam perplexity they never sustain Hoo

The one who has grain of ardent love, in lamenting he will remain Hoo

Such who has passion for union from happiness he derives Hoo

Both worlds are in your fate ‘Bahoo’ in name of Allah's essence who, strives Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

The followers of Gouth Al Azam ra are never in state of confusion because of mystical power of the sheikh. Those who have minute ardent love within them they are crying in remembrance of their beloved Allah Almighty. He who has desire of union with Divine Essence achieves eternal happiness. Hazrat Sultan Bahoo states in the second line about pain, grief and crying whereas in the third line he is speaking of acquiring happiness. It should be borne in mind that in this poem there isn’t any contradiction but on the contrary the philosophy of life there are tears in the eyes and smile on the lips. Upon the path of marifat in the beginning family, friend and relatives become obstacle and faced with many other complications in particular by any occurrence of any mistake murshid (who is also a beloved) is angry and facing that displeasure is time of grief. Similarly if a talib falls into (rijat) retraction due to any spiritual mishap and until the reinstatement of those spiritual bestowal each moment passes in pain and grief. But at the time of unison with beloved his entire pains are gone. The Sufi of Arab and non Arab describe that moment of unison as “nuptial” because there isn’t any other happiest moment beside that moment of unveiled unison with beloved is accessed. In the third line by careful study here the indication of waiting of extreme patience after this indication it is said that whoso completes the tests upon the path of marifat he embraces the happiness that of “nuptial” unison with beloved. At last Hazrat Sultan Bahoo states that those who exercise the contemplation of Ism-e-Allah zaat success in both worlds become their destiny.