Outwardly, I see my beloved and also within my heart I see Hoo

Roamed around for years, yet blind laugh at me Hoo

People visit Makka and Medina I have accessed within the heart Hoo

Says dervish of Al-Gillani ‘Bahoo’ all the treasure is within the heart Hoo


Commentary by M. A. Khan

I see Allah Almighty my beloved outwardly with my naked eyes as well as in my heart with my inner eye.

It is necessary to explain the light of Sufi traits how can this command or action possible. He is saying that (Mumins) pious Muslims have levels such like ordinary public, special and particularly special.  First level of ordinary Mumins whom Allah Almighty has taken out of darkness, ignorance and straying and entered them into the light of knowledge and light of guidance. Second level are those people who are special Mumins Allah Almighty takes them out of darkness of nafs and darkness of outer self and equips the with spiritual traits and with traits of Divine providence. At this state talib’s (qalb) soul become satisfied and it attains manifestation Allah Almighty’s illumine. On the third level particularly special Mumin are those Allah Almighty shines their being  with the manifestation of illumine that appears upon their soul and so their outer and inner becomes same. The state of the specials is whatever tongue utters heart testifies it and the state of particularly special is that the longue only utters what heart is engaged in its vision. It is as though the states the spirit sees due to co ordination of outer and innermost their eyes see exactly the same. Here Hazrat Sultan Bahoo indicates towards his own final state that whatsoever is seen in the depth of the heart I am attaining the pleasure of its vision outwardly. Such like dualism has been eradicated and I am engaged in witnessing in my outer and in the innermost manifestation of spiritual visions. In the state of ardent love I have been traversing for years but those whom are blinded of the ardent love have been making fun of me. People travel to Makka and Medina for their divine purpose of attaining Divine love of Allah Almighty whereas I have accessed my beloved within my soul. The faqeer of Hazrat sayd Ghauth Al Azam Mohudeen Miran says that the entire treasure is within your heart and that is from where I have accessed.