باھُو باغ بہاراں کھڑیاں نرگس ناز شرم دا ھُو
دل وچ کعبہ صحی کیتوسے پاکوں پاک پرم دا ھُو
طالب طلب طواف تمامی حب حضور حرم دا ھُو
گیا حجاب تھیوسے حاجی باھُوؒ جداں بخشیوس راہ کرم دا ھُو


‘Bahoo’ inner blossoms like spring gardens that narcissus blandishment is ashamed Hoo

We have recognised loves purest of the pure Kaaba in the heart retained Hoo

Being a seeker, my desire is complete circumambulation of Divine presence love of the sanctified Hoo

The veil has uplifted Haji ‘Bahoo’ when blessed with path of mercy beautified Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

O ‘Bahoo’ my heart has bloomed like spring gardens with Actual name of Almighty and its fragrance is such that even narcissus blandishment is ashamed of its scent. Since I have perfected my heart by purifying it with dhikr in love of Allah my heart had become Kaaba (house of Allah). I was talib of complete circumambulation within the sanctity of Allah’s presence. Hence, the veil were lifted when ‘Bahoo’ embarked upon the blessed path of Gnostics by being in presence of Allah and seeing Allah within the soul.


The symbolic effect of “Dhikr” (Remembrance) a spiritual practice and development with a feeling- hope for Divine Pleasure.


Just physical presence with ritualistic performance does not serve the purpose. They concentrate and blessed with divine vision when veils are uplifted. The person gets the whole new horizon of spiritual life.