حافظ پڑھ پڑھ کرن تکبر ملاں کرن وڈیائی ھُو
ساون مانْہہ دے بدلاں وانگوں پھرن کتاباں چائی ھُو
جتھے ویکھن چنْگا چوکھا اُتھے پڑھن کلام سوائی ھُو
دوہیں جہانیں مٹھے باھُوؒ جنہاں کھادھی ویچ کمائی ھُو


Hafiz are proud of recitations and scholars are becoming pompous culprits Hoo

Like April May’s storms they roam round with books under their armpits Hoo

They recite excessively wherever they see food good, Hoo

Deprived in both worlds will be those ‘Bahoo’ who have sold their livelihood Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

Hafiz (those whom have memorised the Quran by heart) and due to such honour and privilege they are ostentatious and mullahs (religious leaders) are proud that everyone in the congregation is prostrating behind them and they are respected by people. They go around promoting their knowledge in order to gain respect and status. Wherever they are praised and honoured with offerings of delicious delicacies they would prolong their recitations because they are doing all that for the purpose of worldly name and fame and for the sake of appraisal and materialistic gains. They will be at loss in both worlds because they have sold their valuable efforts for worldly gains and not to please Allah or for the recognition of Allah. Their literary knowledge will be of no use to them in the presence of Allah on the day of resurrection.


Are two types of religious scholars, some of them are business minded and proud of their knowledge of religion.