دل دریا سمندروں ڈوگھے کونط دلاں دیا جانےط ھُو
وچے بیڑے وچے جھیڑے وچے ونجھ موہانےط ھُو
چوداں طبق دلے دے اندر جتھے عشق تمبو ونج تانےط ھُو
جو دل دا محرم ہووے باھُوؒ سوئی رب پچھانےط ھُو


Hearts are deeper than the river and oceans who would know about hearts Hoo

Within it are ships, boats, bargepoles and seamen lots Hoo

Stretched like tent fourteen realms are within the hearts slots Hoo

The one who is acquainted with heart ‘Bahoo’ such will attain Sustainer’s recognition Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

Hearts are deeper than the rivers and oceans who would know regarding their depth. Like oceans, hearts contain universe such as fourteen realms seven earths and seven heavens are within the heart starched in a corner of the heart like tent. The one who has familiarity with his heart will be able to recognise his Sustainer (providence).


These are levels which are present in the inspirational domain (Spiritual body) corresponding to the physical human body, is quite common in mysticism. Bahoo (R.A) is referring to a belief the heart is representing as the ‘Mirror’-Lens, through which spiritual phenomenon to be passed and the faithful must progress to attain the final goal.