ادھی لعنت دنیاں تائیں تے ساری دنیاں داراں ھُو
جیں راہ صاحب دے خرچ نہ کیتی لینط غضب دیاں ماراں ھُو
پیوواں کولوں پتر کوہاوے بھٹھ دنیاں مکاراں ھُو
جنہاں ترک دنیاں دی کیتی باھُوؒ لیسن باغ بہاراں ھُو


Half curse upon the material world and the whole curse upon the materialist people - Hoo,

Those who do not spend in the cause of Almighty would face Allah’s wrath - Hoo,

Curse be upon this damn world that instigates fathers to murder their sons - Hoo,

Those who shunned the world Bahoo, would enjoy the bliss of evergreen gardens - Hoo.

Commentary by M. A. Khan

Worldly wealth is mother and root of all evils and those who acquire it will resort to evil and deceitful acts in order to accumulate further riches through whatever mean possible. They enslave needy with massive interests and other charges. The poor is getting poorer and the rich richer. It makes its seeker and owner greedy and inhuman. 

Those who do not spend in the path of Almighty and merely spend for sake of ostentation. They will be punished harshly. Love of wealth will turn fathers against their sons due to envy and miserliness. The world is full of deceit such as certain form of so-called democracy, which is controlled by certain wealthy individuals or groups known as lobby groups. Those who have relinquished the love of materialistic world they will live in peace in hereafter.

Sultan Bahoo (RA) must have perceived that sons and fathers kill each other not only for succession but many battles were fought among such close relatives for worldly gains.

 “Say, Shall I tell you of better things then these, with which the righteous shall be rewarded by their Lord? They shall be in gardens watered by running streams, where they shall dwell forever”.

(Quran Kareem; 3:15)