ایہہ دنیاں رن حیض پلیتی ہرگز پاک نہ تھیوے ھُو
جیں فقر گھر دنیاں ہووے لعنت اس دے جیوے ھُو
حب دنیاں دی رب تھیں موڑے ویلے فکر کچیوے ھُو
سہ طلاق دنیاں نوں دئییے جے باھُوؒ سچ پچھیوے ھُو


Materialism is unclean like a “sick woman” who can never be purified - Hoo,

Curse on the life of “Faqeer” who adopts a wealthy style - Hoo,

Love for materialism keeps one away from the Lord, control it - Hoo,

To be truthful Bahoo, divorce this world Three times for ever - Hoo.

Commentary by M. A. Khan

The love of wealth is filthy like women menstrual and it could not be purified therefore keep it out of your heart. It is said, that wealth is like water, heart is like boat, and if water enters the boat, it will sink. It applies with wealth if you love it and take it to your heart it will ruin you. Claimant of faqr (spiritual excellence), who takes material wealth to his heart his life, is accursed because his heart should have been purified and preserved for love of Allah almighty. It is accursed because Almighty Allah will not shower mercy upon such heart, where there is love for worldly filthy carrion. Depression, stress and anxiety are common factor of materialistic worries and it prevents people from turning towards Almighty instead it turns them away from Almighty. Divorcing three times in Islam is divorce absolute and there is no compromise with it.


This metaphor strictly emphasizes, to avoid extremes, sinful ways of promiscuous environment.

Divorce (3 Times), means when you reject it should be forever. It is imperative; the final act in Divorce in Islamic Law is to divorce three times. One or two time could return; but 3rd is final.