اندر ھُو تے باہر ھُو ایدم ھُو دے نال جلیندا ھُو
ھُو دا داغ محبت والا ہر دم پیا سڑیندا ھُو
جتھے ھُو کرے رُشنائی چھوڑ اندھیرا ویندا ھُو
میں قربان تنہاں توں باھُوؒ جہڑا ھُو نوں صحی کریندا ھُو


Hoo is within and Hoo is outside, the spirit lives with - Hoo,

Hoo is the mark of love that burns lover all the time - Hoo,

Wherever Hoo illuminates, the darkness disappears - Hoo,

Both the worlds bow before him Bahoo, Who recognizes - Hoo.

Commentary by M. A. Khan

Hoo is exalted name of Almighty, it is inside and outside it is within breathing, and with its passionate love I am being scald with every breath. Sign of Hoo is sign of love and it forms scars of burns and it is burning with every breath. When Almighty enlightens the heart with his divine name then the darkness of one’s base self and Satan makes an exit. I sacrifice myself for those who are contemplating with exalted name of Almighty( Ism-e-Ya Hooیاھُو ). Sultan Bahoo was at the state of annihilation in the divine essence of Hoo (fana fi-e- zat-e-Ya Hoo). (Of the Spirit by Sultan Bahoo)


Pronoun of Divine Presence,

It is the “Dhikr” (Remembrance - invocation) of Aulia Allah (Friends of Allah) to get nearness to the Creator (SWT). If you master Hoo then you can control and manage everything.