ایمان سلامت ہر کوئی منگے عِشق سلامت کوئی ھُو
منگن ایمان شرماون عشقوں، دِل نوں غیرت ہوئی ھُو
جس منزل نوں عِشق پچاوے، ایمان نوں خبر نہ کوئی ھُو
میرا عشق سلامت رکھیں باھُوؒ ایمانوں دیاں دھروئی ھُو


Everyone prays for faith, but only few seek infatuation (Ishq) - Hoo,

Asking for faith and shying away from inspiration my heart regrets - Hoo,

Ishq attains destinations that faith even does not know - Hoo,

‘O’ Bahoo, keep my “Ishq” alive, I am not much concerned about faith - Hoo.

Commentary by M. A. Khan

Everyone is pleading for the protection of the basic faith (Iman) and are content with it whereas some are pleading for the safety of Ardent love (Ishq). In faith there is five pillars in Islam, but in Ardent love you negate yourself and strive to please Allah for his pleasure and not for heavens or hourie, slaves and other luxuries. Asking for faith and remaining there, my heartfelt as an stranger because the level ardent love takes you faith does not have any awareness because ardent love remains in progression in towards Divine essence whereas faith remains at the door of King of the kings. Sultan Bahoo is requesting for the security of their ardent love and they have moved on from the basic faith towards enamour/ Ardent love.


The faith is a belief in Allah’s commands while Ishq is absolute and complete surrender to the Will of Allah (SWT).