Such one should be taken as master who display happiness in both worlds Hoo

Firstly eradicates the fear of livelihood then directs me toward Sustainers’ path Hoo

Turn this wall of saline mud into pure silver Hoo

Such spiritual master whose inability to do anything here ‘Bahoo’ he gives false hopes Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

Perfect murshid has to be of such status who provides happiness in here and in the hereafter. With his spiritual gaze he resolves the provisions for livelihood so that his perplexity of livelihood doesn’t cause him any hindrance and then guides his upon the path of Allah Almighty. Murshid has to be such who turns the mud wall body of talib’s inner state into pure silver with ism-e-Allah zaat. Such murshid who has not lead the talib on the path of marifat in this world he is lying imposter who gives false promises.