ایہہ تن رب سچے دا حجرا دل کھڑیا باغ بہاراں ھُو
وچے کوزے وچے مصلے وچے سجدے دیاں تھاراں ھُو
وچے کعبہ وچے قبلہ وچے الااللہ پکاراں ھُو
کامل مرشد ملیا باھُوؒ اوہ آپے لیسی ساراں ھُو


This body is the abode of Lord (Rabb), the heart blossoms like spring blooms - Hoo,

All the earthen pots and prayer mats are within; there I prostate thousands times - Hoo,

Kaaba (Makka) and Qibla (direction) are inside, where I recite il-alIah (Just Allah (SWT) also - Hoo,

I have found the perfect guide (Murshid) Bahoo, Who will take care of us - Hoo.

Commentary by M. A. Khan

Besides this poem if you glance at poem 23 and you will feel that Sultan Bahoo’s sense of spring with spiritual joy emerges from them , from that one can assess that at the time of writing these poems Sultan Bahoo had accomplished particular special spiritual statuses. As he says: My being is house of Allah and when it manifests it blooms like spring garden. It has source of cleanliness, which is contemplation of Actual name of Almighty and manifestation of Divine essence where I prostrate. There is Kaaba (house of God) and the direction of Kaaba as well as dhikr of Allah and there is nothing besides Allah, such like there is no dualism only Oneness. Ever since I have accessed perfect spiritual mentor, I am not concerned so much about it because he will take care of all of my relevant concerns.


The Square House at Makka the place of pilgrimage for Muslims every year “Il-Allah”: the “Dhikr” (Remembrance) of submission and hoping divine vision.