اوجھڑ جھل تے مارو بیلا جتھے جالنط آئی ھُو
جس کدھی نوں ڈھاہ ہمیشاں اوہ ڈھٹھی کل ڈھائی ھُو
نیں جنہاندی وہے سراندی اوہ سکھ نہیں سوندے راہی ھُو
ریت تے پانی جتھے ہون اکٹھے باھُوؒ اتھے بنی نہیں بجھدی کائی ھُو


This world is a pathless jungle, like bushes surrounding a receding river and here our souls have to stay - Hoo,

These river banks may cave in today or tomorrow - Hoo,

Those who have river flowing above their head, could not sleep comfortably - Hoo,

Where sand and water mix Bahoo, one cannot build a dike to stay - Hoo.

Commentary by M. A. Khan

By following the prophetic tradition the Sufis of Islam had given the entire universe sense about mortal world and further invited the world towards promised hereafter. In this poem Sultan Bahoo has given such notion regarding spirit and human being, that spirit was taking the pleasure in the universe of La-hoot of the illumines of Allah Almighty’s manifestations. Who has been sent down on this earth with this body manufactured by mud and clay. He is painting a picture of this world of being dense thorny forest located on the riverbank with spiky prickly with terrifying deserted silence where this spirit is sent down to live and survive. This physical body was created by sandy soil and the river of death flows by it, which will take away this mortal body with it. In this world the death is such a reality regarding that no philosopher or scientist can every deny because this traveller who is sent in this world who has ferocious ravine flowing above his head rest fear of its waves remain all the time and hence he is deprive of comfortable sleep. In the last pun of the poem Sultan Bahoo says that where sand and water are together such like this earthly body and death in such place how one can live a life with pleasure. Therefore a person has to find the source of his eternal life within his inner self. If the poem of Sultan Bahoo is understood in this manner and it seems that the life is merely a destitute persons skirt in it there are ongoing patches of suffering on it or the life is like neighbours borrowed expensive jewellery fear of its loss remains all the while with him.