Supererogatory prayers is women virtue and (optional) fasts is economising food Hoo

Those who go towards Makka are the ones who are in loss at home Hoo

Those who make lofty claims are the ones with false intentions Hoo

What do you care Hazrat Bahoo ra whom have found the sapling within the house Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

O talib remember that nawafil for heavens is the virtue of women because true aashiq are men who only do not have any desire other than God and observing optional fasts is food saving process or at present in order to tackle obesity. Those who travel towards Makka are the ones whose heart is in sate of dilapidation and they try to console their outer fulfilment. Those who are call for prayer aloud their intentions are false and pretentious. They are proud of the fact that people will see them pious. Why should you care Hazrat Bahoo ra you have the manifestation of Ism-e-Allah zat within the heart. The heart transformed into mirror of the Merciful.