آپ نہ طالب ہین کہیں دے لوکاں نوں طالب کردے ھُو
چانون کھیپاں کردے سیپاں اللہ دے قہر توں ناہیں ڈردے ھُو
عشق مجازی تلکن بازی پیراولے دھردے ھُو
اوشرمندے ہوسن باھُوؒ اندر روز حشر دے ھُو


They themselves are not “Talib” (truth-seekers) but they motivate others - Hoo,

Like labourers, they demand reward for toil, they fear not the wrath of Lord - Hoo,

Their profane proclamation is a slippery game such pseudo-lovers step clumsily - Hoo,

On the Day of Judgment Bahoo, they will feel ashamed of themselves - Hoo.

Commentary by M. A. Khan

Some fake mentors are not true seekers of Allah (talib-ul-Mola) and they are trying to turn others as seekers of Allah. This is just not possible and it is sheer hypocrisy. Those imposters take money from their seekers same as in the rural areas those traders such as shoemakers blacksmith, carpenters and barbers charge at the time of crop cultivation form the farmers. These imposters are taking money from their disciples same way. They don’t fear from the wrath of Allah due to the fact that they are merely accumulating wealth with false pretences by deceiving potential seekers of Allah and leading them away from the true path of recognition( marifat) of Allah. Imperfect mentors are playing such game in which they will slip down the slope of darkness because they are unaware of the true path and get entrapped on the wrong step they take. On the day of resurrection.


Sometimes any mystic murshid (mentor) misguides persons to enter into false love of worldly things, i.e. may be a woman etc. Sultan Bahoo (R.A.) warns us not to indulge in such risky deeds.