High waves in river of Oneness and yet one heart not perfected Hoo

One such attained unity in temple and such remain reading in the mosque Hoo

Scholars abandoned their status when ardent love won the stakes Hoo

Sustainer is never achieved ‘Bahoo’ until you sacrifice your livelihood on the Divine path Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

O dervish the river of Oneness is make high waves and your heart has not attained recognition of Allah Almighty. There are such form of Gnostics of the Allah Almighty essence who have access to the presence in the company of Rasool Allaheven if they sit in temples and there are some who are without presence in company of Rasool Allaheven if they remain in the masjid they will remain deprived. Those fortunate scholars who were struck with ardent love of Allah Almighty overpowered them they left their worldly status and embarked upon the path of ardent love. You cannot attain unison of Allah Almighty until you relinquish your livelihood from your heart on the path of Allah Almighty.