One breath is friendly and hundred thousand breaths are enemy dying for single breath Hoo

Wasted life for single breath and became thief of every household Hoo

What would they know regarding yearning who are unaware of secret Hoo

Why should we be pushed about ‘Bahoo’ who are desciple of true door Hoo


Commentary by M. A. Khan

That single breath I have taken in the remembrance of my beloved is friendly and hundreds of thousand breaths I have taken in ignorance are my enemy I will be answerable for them whereas one single breath in remembrance of Allah will become my true friend on the day of resurrection. For that single breath I have lost my whole of life and have been accused by those who only worshiped for hereafter for the heavens that this ardent love is untenable. Those who are unaware of ardent love they are unable to value its worth because they are unfamiliar with the secret of Allah Almighty. O ‘Bahoo’ why the ardent lover roam round door to door in the state of perplexity because they are the seekers of true door of murshid kamil.