Without dedication there is no approval even if performed all kind of prayer Hoo

Night vigils, fasting and performance of supererogatory prayers Hoo

Without focused soul, no approval from Divine court even they give hundreds of elms away Hoo

Without annihilation in Sustainer ‘Bahoo’ there isn’t any impact in congregational prayers Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

Without the approval from the majestic court of Allah Almighty one’s prayers, renunciation, striving, remembrance, giving elms and recitation or night vigil will be useless. Without total concentration and purity of one’s soul one could not attain such approval. Without annihilating in the providence such as seeing Allah Almighty as subsisting and consider oneself perishable than merely prayers in congregation will not have any impact upon one’s inner. Purify your inner with sincerity and devotion with clear intention by relinquishing one’s outer being then the approval bestowed with the glance of perfect murshid from the spiritual congregation of Prophet .