بوہتی میں اوگن ہاری لاج پئی گل اُسدے ھُو
پڑھ پڑھ علم کریہن تکبر شیطان جیہے اوتھے مُسدے ھُو
لکھاں نوں بھَو دوزخ والا ہک نت بہشتوں رُسدے ھُو
عاشقاں دے گل چھری ہمیشاں باھُوؒ اگے محبوباں دے کُسدے ھُو


I am a great sinner and my dignity is at His discretion Hoo

With study of formal education, one becomes arrogant and deprived the likes of satanic recession   Hoo

Hundred thousand fear hell and some displeased with heavens Hoo

Ardent lover’s throat is always slits ‘Bahoo’ in beloved’s presence Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

I am unfortunate as human being because I transgressed from my Sustainers orders. Due to the sins of mine there isn’t any chance of survival in this world or deliverance in the hereafter. But It depends upon mercy of Allah and the spiritual gaze of my master. I have total trust in Allah and I have surrendered my fate in His pleasure so I am not grieved due to my fate. Merely with formal study in order to access knowledge one becomes proud and arrogant exactly like Satan because Satan had knowledge and he was the leader of all the angels and due to his arrogance he was deprived from Gnostics of Allah. Many people worship for the fear of hell and some have fallen out with heavens because those people worship in order to please Allah. Ardent lover suffer all kind of pain of love in front of their beloved.