پڑھیا علم تے ودھی مغروری عقل بھی گیا تلوہاں ھُو
بھلا راہ ہدایت والا نفع نہ کیتا دوہاں ھُو
سردتیاں جے سرّ ہتھ آوے سودا ہار نہ توہاں ھُو
وڑیں بزار محبت والے باھُوؒ کوئی رہبر لے کے سوہاں ھُو


Become excessively arrogance with education, such intellect has declined Hoo

Lost the path of guidance neither of them benefit defined Hoo

By sacrificing head if Sirr (secret) accessed don’t lose the bargain in stride Hoo

Enter the city of love ‘Bahoo’ along with acquainted guide Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

If one becomes arrogant with influence of his education then such education destroys ones intellectual wisdom. In such situation, one looses the path of guidance and one will not benefit the path neither or wisdom. Give up your entire desire in favour of Allah and exchange it for the secrets. Enter the city of Divine love with perfect mentor because guide is familiar with such path.


“Self-pride” in a bad sense to be stubborn and selfish with others; who perchance become victims of fake leadership.


Sacrifice your fake “ego” and attain the spiritual familiarity.