پاک پلیت نہ ہوندے ہرگز توڑے رہندے وچ پلیتی ھُو
وحدت دے دریا اچھلے ہک دل صحی نہ کیتی ھُو
ہک بتخانیں واصل ہوئے ہک پڑھ پڑھ رہن مسیتی ھُو
فاضل سٹ فضیلت بیٹھے باھُوؒ عشق نماز جاں نیتی ھُو


Pure could never be impure even if they remain defiled Hoo

The river of monotheism over flown in heart but some recognition of soul never testified Hoo

Some attained unity in temples some remain praying in mosques Hoo

Scholars abandoned their honour ‘Bahoo’ ever since they initiated the prayer in ardent love Hoo


Commentary by M. A. Khan

Purity of soul (qalb) cannot be impure merely living with impure base self and it will not become impure. River of Allah Almighty’s Oneness is overflowing with mercy and yet you are not able to have your impure qalb purified from evil temptations and worldly desires.

Some Prophets likeAbraham (blessing be upon him) was raised in the temple while in the care of their uncle Azir and Balam Ba'ur was accursed even he remained in the place of worship but his worship didn’t help him. When ardent love got the best of religious scholars ‘Bahoo’ then they left their honour such like Rumi.


It has many sides of meanings, like the abode of Sheikh, the spirit of Saga, or to get spiritual experience from any place, station etc.