پیر ملیاں جے پیڑناں جاوے اس نوں پیر کی دھرناں ھُو
مرشد ملیاں ارشاد نہ من نوں اوہ مرشد کی کرناں ھُو
جس ہادی کولوں ہدایت ناہیں اوہ ہادی کی پھڑناں ھُو
جے سر دتیاں حق حاصل ہووے باھُوؒ اس موتوں کی ڈرناں ھُو


If from such spiritual master the pain does not vanish than what use is such spiritual master Hoo

By such master, there are no instructions what to do with such master Hoo

With such master, there is no guidance, why take such guiding master Hoo

If truth is accessed by sacrificing head ‘Bahoo’ why fear such death or disaster Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

If a Pir (spiritual mentor) is unable to take out pain of worldly worries and satanic influence from your heart than such Pir is a imposter and don't take him as mentor he will ruin you. With such murshid, there is no spiritual instruction as regards to Gnostics than he is useless and imperfect imposter. With such mentor there is no mentoring do not take such mentor he is worthless. The truth is only attainable if you kill your nafs and then you will be in union with Divine truth.


Pir is a guide, who could be helpful in spiritual matters.


Murshid (Rushd path) is an authority who can put you on the right path or code of wisdom.


Mentor is the English expression for a person who supervises his students to do research and achieve their goals.


Firm Belief in Quran Kareem: Sunnah