پاٹا دامن ہویا پرانا کچرک سیوے درزی ھُو
حال دا محرم کوئی نہ ملیا جو ملیا سو غرضی ھُو
باجھ مربی کسے نہ لدھی گجھی رمزاندر دی ھُو
اوسے راہ ول جائیے باھُوؒ جس تھیں خلقت ڈر دی ھُو


Torn garment worn out, for how long the tailor will stitch it Hoo

Couldn’t find anyone acquainted with my spiritual state who ever found seemed selfish kit Hoo

Without mentor, no one has attained the secret of inner signs from it Hoo

Embark upon such path ‘Bahoo’ from which the public is terrified to bit Hoo


Commentary by M. A. Khan

In ardent love my being is torn and worn out without the blessings of Allah it could not be repaired.

In the quest of perfect murshid I came across many who were not true seeker’s of Creator but they were in search of created beings. Without perfect murshid no one is able to access signs of the Divine secrets.

Follow such path from which the public is frightened such as sacrificial path. (1) Example of H Ismail (2) H Imam Hussain (3) Saim-ud-Dahr rehnan (4) worldly joys & desires ka total khatma etc etc


External appearance, metaphor whatever outside is also inside, is it just repair - maintenance.


Moral bankruptcy - must be cured.