ایہہ دُنیاں زن حیض پلیتی کِتنی ململ دہوون ھُو
دُنیاں کارن عالم فاضل گوشے بہہ بہہ روون ھُو
جیندے گھر وچ بوہتی دُنیاں اوکھے گھو کر سوون ھُو
جنہاں ترک دنیا تھیں کیتی باھُوؒ واہندی نکل کھلوون ھُو


This word is unclean it can never be pure at all - Hoo,

Curse upon the life of the “Faqeer” who keeps the world in his house - Hoo,

Love of the material world keeps away from the Lord; one should check this on time - Hoo,

To tell you the truth Bahoo, one should divorce this world forever - Hoo.

Commentary by M. A. Khan

The worldly wealth is undesirably filthy no matter how much you try to rub it clean. Learned scholars make wolf cries regarding lack of wealth and material. They cannot be content with what they have and they want more because of greed. As the poet of the east Dr. Muhammad Iqbal says: “That is not knowledge but venom for the autonomous persons such knowledge that is achieved for two handful of barley”. They are not satisfied with their share. They keep the love of wealth in their heart. The wealthy person cannot have normal sleep due to fear of security, greed and physical and emotional ailments. When wealth is not purified by helping the needy due to paying Zakat (Islamic taxation) then the wealth become sheer burden and sleepless nights. Those who have abandoned the love of wealth from their heart, moved further on, and kept the heart pure for love of Almighty Allah. Sultan Bahoo is keeping it out of one’s heart and not to love or cherish it means abandonment of wealth.


A Faqeer never should compromise with materialistic ways of life in his daily life and there should be good earning to save “Iman”- faith.