پنجے محل پنجاں وچ چاننط ڈیوا کت ول دھرئیے ھُو
پنجے مہر پنجے پٹواری حاصل کت ول بھرئیے ھُو
پنجے امام تے پنجے قبلے سجدہ کت ول کرئیے ھُو
باھُوؒ جے صاحب سر منگے ہرگز ڈھل نہ کرئیے ھُو


Five palaces and all are illuminated where the Lenten I shell lay Hoo

Five village headman and five village registrar to whom my revenue I shell pay Hoo

Five Imams and five directions which direction I prostrate Hoo

‘Bahoo’ if Honourable demands your head don’t hesitate Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

Five members of Ahle baiet illuminated with reflection of Divine light. All have treasure of Allah in abundance. All of them are Imams and they are the directions of prostration because they possess ???? (Ruh-ul-Qudsi). They are light upon light (Nor Ala Nor).  If Allah demands, your head do not hesitate in surrendering it to His essence. This state is of annihilation and it is the ultimate of faqr (spiritual excellence). Same as grandson of Prophet Imam Hussain has not hesitated in sacrificing his head on the path of truth.


There are five inner spiritual centers in human body for esoteric knowledge indicated as Qalb (Hear-mind) - Ruh (Soul-Spirit), Sirre (Secret), Khaffi (hidden-unseen), akhfa (the deeper). It is also in Hindu mythology ethics whirling centers, considered to be power station for self elevations.


Patwari is the lowest, but the most important official for revenue collections in Indo-Pak Subcontinent.