تدون فقیر شتابی بندا جد جان عشق وچ ہارے ھُو
عاشق شیشاتے نفس مربی جان جاناں توںوارے ھُو
خود نفسی چھڈ ہستی جھیڑے لاہ سروں سب بھارے ھُو
باھُوؒ باجھ مویاں نہیں حاصل تھیندا توڑے سَے سَے سانگ اُتارے ھُو


One swiftly becomes spiritually excellent when in ardent love one loses his soul Hoo

Ardent lover is like glass and satisfied self become their guide on beloved they will sacrifice their soul Hoo

Relinquish selfish quarrels from their being they have taken off burden from their heads in fascination Hoo

‘Bahoo’ without dying cannot access even if you put on hundreds of images transformation Hoo


Commentary by M. A. Khan

One will swiftly become faqeer (spiritually excellent) when one loses his soul in ardent love of Allah. Ardent love is delicate like glass and base self (nafs amaara) transforms into satisfied self (nafs mut-ma'inna) and then nafs mut-ma'inna guides the faqeer towards ardent love of Allah and he sacrifices his soul.

Those who have relinquished the self-deceit from their self will be care free from all kinds of confusions. One has to kill ones base self in order to access the divine truth, which could not be attained merely by wearing robes or changing images or transforming outer looks.