تو تاں جاگ ناں جاگ فقیرا انت نوں لوڑ جگایا ھُو
اکھّیں میٹیاں ناں دل جاگے، جاگے جاں مطلب نوں پایا ھُو
ایہہ نکتہ جداں کیتا پختہ تاں ظاہر آکھ سنایا ھُو
میں تاں بھُلّی ویندی ساں باھُوؒ مینوں مرشد راہ وکھایا ھُو


Weather you awake or you don’t O spiritually excellent! you will be awakened by your need Hoo

Eyes shut will not awaken heart but when it awakes then your objective you will heed Hoo

When this point understood then openly I have said Hoo

I was bewildered on the way ‘Bahoo’ upon the path my spiritual master lead Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

Whether you wake up or remain asleep your need will awaken you. Merely by closing your eyes, your heart will not awake. Sultan Bahoo stated this point because some people close their eyes in meditation (muraqibah) but their heart doesn't get awakened therefore there is no point in closing the eyes. When it awakes then you will access your objective. When this point is understood then you will talk about it openly. I was bewildered in recitation, dhikr and repeated recitals and my mentor shown me the path to the Divine essence.