تسبی پھری تے دل نہیں پھریا کی لیناطں تسبی پھڑ کے ھُو
علم پڑھیا تے ادب نہ سکھیا کی لیناطں علم نوں پڑھ کے ھُو
چلّے کٹّے تے کجھ نہ کھٹیا کی لیناطں چلّیاں وڑ کے ھُو
جاگ بنا ددھ جمدے ناہیں باھُوؒ بھانویں لال ہونْون کڑھ کڑھ کے ھُو


By rolling beads heart is not awakened what use is holding bead Hoo

Acquired knowledge without reverence what is gained from such knowledge indeed Hoo

Remaining in solitude nothing is achieved what is the point of that solitude which you heed Hoo

Milk will not set without setting agent (Jaag) ‘Bahoo’ even if you boil it red indeed Hoo


Commentary by M. A. Khan

By merely counting on beads heart will not respond, therefore such form of remembrance on beads is futile. Acquiring knowledge without respect is worthless knowledge. In mystical path trust and respect is fundamental principle. These factors play very important part in ones spiritual ascent. Without the respect of the master knowledge cannot benefit anyone spiritually.

Remaining in solitude (Chillah) nothing will be achieved because you will not attain any form of knowledge of marifah. Without murshid’s concentration and guidance, one cannot reach his objective same as milk will not set until setting agent or buttermilk added to it. Mentor inserts enzymes of dhikr into the heart of seeker then the heart becomes alive.


It is a natural process to prepare yogurt from milk- ultimately the Butter. A metaphor of practicality as spiritual attention from the Murshid (Perfect guide) can make you from milk - curd - Butter - all are ‘Nur’ Best food nourishment from Allah (SWT).