الست بربکم سنیاط دل میرے، نِت قالُوبلےٰ کو کیندی ھُو
حب وطن دی غالب ہوئی، ہک پل سونط نہ دیندی ھُو
قہر پووے تینوں رہزن دنیا توں تاں حق دا راہ مریندی ھُو
عاشقاں مول قبول نہ کیتی باھُوؒ تونےط  کرکر زاریاں روندی ھُو


My soul heard “Am I not your Lord?” (Allast-o-Be-Rabbekum) (Qalu-Bala) In affirmative it responds - Hoo,

Love for my country (world hereafter) overwhelmed me and for a moment it would not let me sleep - Hoo,

Curse on you “O” - Bandit World; you distract from the path of truth - Hoo,

The lovers never accept her (World) Bahoo, though she wails for their attention - Hoo.

Commentary by M. A. Khan

On the day of grand convocation (ahad e alast) of spirits and when Allah almighty commanded, “Am I not your Sustainer ((Rabb))?” and my soul exclaimed “yes you are my Sustainer” (This is mentioned in the Qur’an 33:72). The love of returning to human beings original abode prior to inhabiting earth temporarily for a prescribed period. The homesickness would not allow me to rest or sleep. Wrath be upon you worldly attractions and desires who is preventing people from embarking upon the straight path of truth. Various worldly affairs are becoming obstacles for the straight path. Ardent lovers and people with passionate love have never accepted love of the wealth in their heart even if it wailed and cried profusely because they know full well that it is entrapped web of deceit, it will not be possible to get out of it and they will not be able to access their objective for which they were created.

“When the Lord drew- forth from the children of Adam, from their reins, their descendants, and made them testify concerning themselves “Am I not your Lord? They said yes, Lest you should say on the Day of Judgment; of this we were never mindful”.

(Quran Kareem; 7:172)

“All who obey and the Messenger, Are in the company of these on whom is the Grace of Allah of the Prophets (Who teach), The sincere (Lovers of Truth). The witnesses (who testify) and the Righteous (who do good) Ah; what a beautiful fellowship”.

(Quran Kareem; 4:69)

The separation of soul from God’s Domain was the deepest concern therefore it was promised that finally you will be back.