جو پاکی بن پاک ماہی دے سو پاکی جان پلیتی ھُو
ہک بتخانیں جا واصل ہوئے ہک خالی رہے مسیتی ھُو
عشق دی بازی انہاں لئی جنہاں سردتیاں ڈھل ناں کیتی ھُو
ہرگز دوست نہ ملدا باھُوؒ جنہاں ترٹی چوڑ نہ کیتی ھُو


Purification without pious beloved, impurity such purity is ascertained Hoo

One such, has attained union in temple and yet one such (without union) in mosque has remained Hoo

Those who won the game of ardent love from sacrificing their head have not refrained Hoo

Beloved will never be accessed ‘Bahoo’ until surrendering of livelihood not sustained Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

If piety is accessed without our beloved Prophet  consider such piety as impurity because anything without beloved Prophet  is worthless and of no value in the court of Allah Almighty. One example is of Prophet Abraham (blessings be upon him) while he was cared for by his uncle Izer, who was in temple and the other example is Prophet Moses (blessing be upon him) while he was cared in the house of Pharaoh. The example of mosque is of Balm Ba'ur who was pious but he defied Prophet Moses and Allah cursed him. Those who have not delayed sacrificing their head in the ardent love of Allah they have won the game of ardent love. You will not attain closeness of beloved Allah until you surrender your will in the favour of Allah.