جو دم غافل سو دم کافر اسانوں مرشد ایہہ پڑھایا ھُو
سنیاط سخن گیاں کھل اکھیں اساں چِت مولا ول لایا ھُو
کیتی جان حوالے رب دے اساں ایسا عشق کمایا ھُو
مرن توں اگے مرگئے باھُوؒ تاں مطلب نوں پایا ھُو


Such breath is infidel which is taken in ignorance this lesson my master taught Hoo

Their words opened insight and towards Divine master we have focused our thought Hoo

Presented our spirit to the Sustainer we have nurtured ardent love of such sort Hoo

Dying prior to death, ‘Bahoo’ such objective then we have caught. Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

My spiritual master educated me that such breath which is taken without remembrance of Allah is the breath in denial of Allah Almighty and denial is kufr infidelity. The teachings of my mentor were such that awakened my batin (inner) and I am concentrating towards Allah Almighty. I have presented my soul to our Sustainer and I have nurtured such form of ardent love with Allah. Dying before death is surrender you will in will of Allah and reach the level of fana (annihilation) then the objective of baqa (subsistence) with Allah is attained.