ایہو نفس اساڈا بیلی جو نال اساڈے سِدّھا ھُو
زاہد عالم آنط نوائے جتھے ٹکڑا ویکھے تھِدّھا ھُو
جو کوئی اسدی کرے سواری اس نام اللہ دا لدّھا ھُو
راہ فقر دا مشکل باھُوؒ گھر مانہ سیرا ردّھا ھُو


This Nafs (self) is our friend if it is sincere and loyal with us - Hoo,

It steeps low pious and scholars for buttered loaf (world gains) - Hoo,

One, who controls it, finds the path to Allah - Hoo,

Faqr’s path is challenging Bahoo; it is not one’s mother’s lap - Hoo.

Commentary by M. A. Khan

If this base self obeys our command and then it is our companion. The base self of abstinent and scholars will gather them, where there is food for worldly desire. They would run after their base self and they are captive by their base self to such extent that they would abide any command of the base self. Whosoever contemplates Actual name of Almighty and with it they will be able to overpower their nafs and keep it reined in. The path of Faqr (spiritual excellence) is not as easy as sweet food at the mother’s house but it is arduous because its requirements are that one has to purify ones qalb (soul) from worldly contamination and one has to turn aside from many worldly pleasures because these are short lived and ardent love is eternal.

The path of “Faqr”: it is the code of life that a “Faqeer” learns and follows under the guidance of “Murshid”, the spiritual mentor.