ازل ابد نوں صحی کیتوسے ویکھ تماشے گزرے ھُو
چوداں طبق دلینْدے اندر آتش لائے حُجرے ھُو
جنہاں حق نہ حاصل کیتا اوہ دوہیں جہانیں اُجڑے ھُو
عاشق غرق ہوئے وِچ وحدت باھُوؒ ویکھ تنہاندے مُجرے ھُو


We corrected eternity and finality by witnessing all happenings - Hoo,

All the fourteen realms (plains) are in the heart and fire of (Allah’s) love is burning in the heart - Hoo,

They were desolate in both the worlds who did not find out the truth - Hoo,

Look at the style of those, Bahoo, who immersed themselves in the Oneness - Hoo.

Commentary by M. A. Khan

When we reached the utmost level, we returned to our beginning and we viewed all that went on. Fourteen realms (seven earths and seven heavens) are within our heart where fire of passionate love has taken up abode. Those who have not understood the purpose of life and enlightened their inner here with Actual name of Almighty they will be devastated in here as well as in hereafter. Allah almighty commands “those who are blind in this world they will be blind in hereafter” this blindness is the blindness of heart. Those with ardent lover have immersed in Oneness and “Sultan Bahoo! you see how they are happy and they are rejoicing.”


Mystics classify the inner spiritual journey into fourteen stages. (Seven skies and seven Earths).