جس دل اسم اللہ دا چمکے عشق بھی کردا ہلّے ھُو
بھار کستوری دے چھپدے ناہیں بھانویں دے رکھئے سئیے پلّے ھُو
انگلی پچھے دینْہ ناہیں چھپدے دریا نہیں رہندے ٹھلّے ھُو
اسیں اوسے وچ اوہ اساں وچ باھُوؒ یاراں یار سولّے ھُو


In whose heart name of Allah shines Ardent love also strikes there Hoo

The fragrance of musk cannot remain concealed even if you cover it with hundreds of layer Hoo

Sun cannot remain hidden behind fingers and behind dykes rivers cannot be retained Hoo

We are within him and he is within us ‘Bahoo’ friend is close to friend Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

In such heart where Ism-e-Allah zaat manifests ardent love emerges from it. Like fragrance, true ardent love cannot remain concealed behind layers or other preventive measures. Sun could not be concealed merely with fingers same as river shell not be held back by dykes they will spill over. We have annihilated in Allah and He manifests in us in our heart with Ism-e-Allah zaat where love is close to beloved. This is philosophy of wahdat-ul-wajood (Oneness in being)