دلے وچ دل جو آکھیں سو دل دور دلیلوں ھُو
دل دا دور اگوہاں کیجئے کثرت کنوں قلیلوں ھُو
قلب کمال جمالوں جسموں جوہر جاہ جلیلوں ھُو
قبلہ قلب منور ہویا باھُوؒ خلوت خاص خلیلوں ھُو


Whatever within heart you are saying, is beyond your perceptions Hoo

Broaden remits of your heart from finite to infinite destinations Hoo

Soul is excellence of beauty and gem of Majestic Sustainer’s residence Hoo

The soul illuminated direction of prayer ‘Bahoo’ with Allah’s beloved  acquaintance Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

When spoken in heart with Ilham (spiritual revelation) then any thought other than Allah has vacated my heart. Make your heart into limitless by transforming from duality to Oneness concentrating upon providence rather than provision. Because dualism is finite and Oneness is infinite. Focus upon divine grace rather than own efforts. Your heart will become gem of Allah with excellence of Divine beauty. Heart illuminates and becomes prayer direction due to actual love of Prophet Mohammed . If you don’t love Prophet Allah Almighty will not love you.

The heart within heart you are saying is beyond your perceptions - Hoo,

Broaden remits of your heart from finite to infinite - Hoo,

Qalb (Soul) is excellent of beautiful beings and abode of Majestic Lord - Hoo,

The Qalb is illuminated Bahoo, with Allah’s presence in it - Hoo.