دل کالے کولوں منہ کالا چنگا جے کوئی اس نوں جانےط ھُو
منہ کالا دل اچھا ہووے تاں دل یار پچھانےط ھُو
ایہہ دل یار دے پچھے ہووے متاں یار وی کدی پچھانےط ھُو
سے عالم چھوڑ مسیتاں نٹھے باھُوؒ جد لگے نیں دل ٹکانےط ھُو


Blackened face is better than darkened heart so that people recognise Hoo

When face blackened and heart is fine such heart beloved recognise Hoo

If this heart is in pursuit of beloved perhaps beloved might familiarise Hoo

Hundreds of scholar skipped mosques ‘Bahoo’ when vision of inner testifies Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

In such heart where is all kinds of ignorance, polytheism, infidelity, miserlessness, jealousy and lust. With such characters heart is blackened and instead of that if face is blackened so that one is remorseful and repudiates ones behaviour is better so that perhaps his repentance is acknowledged by Allah Almighty and he accesses recognition of Allah Almighty. If this heart seeks Allah only in his heart and then heart might be approved by Allah. When hundreds of scholars had their inner vision sharpened and they were able to see Divine truth in their heart then they ran away from outwardly repeated recitations (waza’ef), solitude and other forms of Supererogatory prayers.

Blackened face is better than darkened heart, if anyone understand it - Hoo,

Pure heart, despite dark face, will recognize Friend - Hoo,

The heart should always follow the Friend as He may also take notice of it - Hoo,

Hundreds of scholars relegated external preferences Bahoo, when they attained reality of heart - Hoo.