دل تے دفتر وحدت والا دائم کریں مطالیا ھُو
ساری عمراں پڑھدیاں گزری جہلاں دے وچ جالیا ھُو
اکو اسم اللہ دا رکھیں اپنا سبق مطالیا ھُو
دوہیں جہان غلام تنہاندے باھُوؒ جیں دل اللہ سمبھالیا ھُو


Heart is the manual of Oneness keep its study forever Hoo

Scholars spent all the life in study and still remained ignorant as ever Hoo

Contemplate Divine name of Allah in your study for learning Hoo

Both worlds are slaves of those ‘Bahoo’ whose heart attains name of Allah’s yearning Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

This heart of yours is the guidebook towards Allah, therefore keep observing your heart and keep it clean from anything other than Allah. By spending whole of life studying sensual knowledge and with such one remains ignorant of knowledge of Gnostics. In Gnostics there is inspirational knowledge which is grace of God.  You have to contemplate Ism-e-Allah zaat and with that you will be able to purify your heart from all sorts of impurities. When your heart is influenced by Ism-e-Allah zaat than both worlds here and hereafter will become your subservient. It is because you have surrendered yourself to the will of Allah.

Heart is the centre of Oneness, always study it - Hoo,

The whole life was spend in studying books, and still your remained ignorant - Hoo,

Ready only the name of Allah (Ism-e-Zaat), that is the only lesson to be learnt - Hoo,

Both worlds bow before those hearts Bahoo, that become abode of Lord - Hoo,



It is the ultimate attainment of Allah (SWT)