درد اندر دا اندر ساڑے، باہر کراں تاں گھائل ھُو
حال اساڈا کیویں اوہ جاننط ،جو دنیا تے مائل ھُو
بحر سمندر عشقے والا، ہر دم رہندا حائل ھُو
پہنچ حضور آسان نہ باھُوؒ، اساں نام تیرے دے سائل ھُو


Our longing pain is within ourselves death I shall face if I expose Hoo

Those who are fond of world, regarding my state how could they suppose Hoo

Ardent love is deep ocean which causes hindrance all the while Hoo

Reaching Majestic court isn’t easy ‘Bahoo’ beg for His Divine name all the while Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

I am sustaining the longing Pain is in my heart due to Divine secret and if I disclose it, the law of Shariah will kill me. Those who are engaged in worldly affairs, worldly wealth and status how could they know my plight because they have not suffered longing pain. The ocean of ardent love remains causing pain with each breath. Reaching the hazoor (presence) of Divine truth is not an easy task we have to Ism-e-Allah Zaat.

Inner pain burns inside heart, exposing it would kill - Hoo,

How can those know our state, who are lost in this world - Hoo,

Every moment ocean of love confronts me - Hoo,

Access to Lord is not easy Bahoo, we are beggar of His Name (Ism Allah Zaat) - Hoo.