دردمنداں دے دھوئیں دُھکھدے ڈردا کوئی ناں سیکے ھُو
انہاں دھواں دے تاء تکھیرے محرم ہووے تاں سیکے ھُو
چھک شمشیر کھڑا ہے سرتے ترس پوس تاں تھیکے ھُو
ساہورے کڑیئے اپنے ونجناں باھُوؒ سداناں رہناں پیکے ھُو


Flames emerging from smoke of longing pain no one dare acquire warmth from it Hoo

The heat of such smoke is scorching hot only acquainted could accesses heat from it Hoo

He is standing with drawn sword over the head if he takes pity he might remove the sword Hoo

O girl! we have to go to in-laws ‘Bahoo’ we are not to remain forever in parental abode Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

The flames from longing fire are so hot and painful the no one dare come near enamour with Allah. Its heat is scorching that only a person who is familiar with Divine love will come close because there is no heaven or its pleasure such as hourie or servants in ardent love. He is standing above the head with drawn sword of longing pain and separation. I hope that He might take pity on me and annihilate me in his essence. Speaking to the spirit as feminine that here in this world we will not remain forever and we will have to go to hereafter, therefore prepare yourself for the union with Allah.

Smoke billows from flames of pain of longing, no one dares seek warmth from it - Hoo,

Such smoke is fiery, only acquainted could seek heat from it - Hoo,

Love is standing with sword drawn over the head, if he takes pity, he may put sword in scabbard - Hoo,

‘O’ girl we have to go to in-laws Bahoo, we are not to remain forever in parental home - Hoo.