دردمنداں دا خون جوپیندا برہوں باز مریلا ھُو
چھاتی دے وچ کیتس ڈیرا جیویں شیر بیٹھا مل بیلا ھُو
ہاتھی مست سندوری وانگوں کردا پیلا پیلا ھُو
اس پیلے دا وسواس ناں کیجئے باھُوؒ پیلے باجھ ناں ہوندا میلا ھُو


Bloodthirsty falcon of ardent love only drinks the blood of people with longing pain Hoo

Taken dwelling in the chest like lion seizes jungle’s reign Hoo

Like frenzied elephant will charge to attack Hoo

Do not worry about such attack ‘Bahoo’ there is no union without such attack Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

Ardent love is like bloodthirsty falcon who only drinks bloods of people who are in ardent love with His divine essence. This ardent love has occupied my breast like lion occupies its territory in jungle. Like frenzied elephant, he is making attack sound. O ‘Bahoo’ there is no wisaal (unity) without such attack of ardent love.

The painful love is like a hunting hawk that drinks the blood of afflicted loves - Hoo,

It stays in the heart like a tiger which controls in the jungle - Hoo,

It is like frenzied elephant that tramples everything whatever comes in his way - Hoo,

But don’t be afraid of the ravaged elephant Bahoo, no celebrations are there without the trampling - Hoo.



Simile- It is a good in a funfair just like frenzied Bull in the Streets of Spain, it cause fatalities but there would not be fun without it.