دین تے دُنیاں سکیاں بھیناطں تینوں عقل نہیں سمجھیندا ھُو
دونْویں اکس نکاح وچ آون تینوں شرع نہیں فرمیندا ھُو
جینویں اگ تے پانیط تھاں اکے وچ واسا نہیں کریندا ھُو
دوہیں جہانیں مٹھا باھُوؒ جیہڑا دعوےٰ کوڑ کریندا ھُو


Faith and materialistic world are real sisters, you are not advised by your intellect? Hoo

Both to be in ones marriage Islamic law does not allow in fact Hoo

Same as fire and water cannot remain together without impact Hoo

Deprived in both worlds is one ‘Bahoo’ whose claim from truth retract Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

Don’t you know that according to law of Islamic Shariahh, two sisters cannot be married to a person at one time. And hasn’t your wisdom informed you that materialistic world and faith are two sisters and therefore it is not permissible to keep them together at a time. Such as water and fire couldn’t be in same pot at same time. Those people who are claiming that we have worldly material and faith together, they are in fact making false claim.

Wouldn’t you understand, faith and the world are like two real sisters - Hoo,

The Law (Sharia) does not allow to be (simultaneously) married to two sisters - Hoo,

As fire and water cannot exist in one place - Hoo,

They are doomed in both worlds Bahoo, who make false claims (of combining religion and materialism) - Hoo.


An excellent metaphor regarding the relationship of Deen (True- faith) and this material world is,

  1. Sharia Demands its followers to obey the laws. Prophet (SAWW) said ‘Sharia’ is my word.
  2. Nature depicts that two (opposites) Diverse Disciplines cannot be combined.