دنیا گھر منافق دے یا گھر کافر دے سونْہدی ھُو
نقش نگار کرے بہتیرے زن خوباں سبھ مونْہدی ھُو
بجلی وانگوں کرے لشکارے سردے اُتوں جھونْہدی ھُو
حضرت عیسیٰؑ دی سلھ وانگوں باھُوؒ راہ ویندیاں نوں کونْہدی ھُو


In the house of hypocrite or infidel worldly wealth reflects Hoo

It will decorate itself colourfully like women puts makeup to attract Hoo

It glitters like lightening and hovers over mindset Hoo

Like bullion of Jesus ‘Bahoo’ it slaughters travellers in its quest Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

Worldly wealth only suits in the house of hypocrite or infidel because both of them are away from faith and they love materialistic world so much that they provide all forms of worldly comfort to themselves. In contrast, those who are in love with Allah they have enough to go by but they are content with what they have. They are content inwardly. The materialistic world is presented in colourful form but it brings along many hazards and calamities. It remains hovering overhead like lightning and never is away from one. It will bring death to its lover, like three travellers in time of Prophet Jesus (blessings be upon him). Who found gold bullion and they sent one of them to bring food for them while they planned to kill him on his arrival. Whereas the one who went to bring food came up with idea that if he adds poison to the food and when they eat they will die and he will become sole possessor of the gold bullion. On his arrival the two waiting for him killed him and set down to eat the food, they were also killed with the poisoned food, and the bullion remained without an owner.

Material wealth flourishes in the house of hypocrite or infidel - Hoo,

It puts on many colors like a treacherous woman to deceive everybody - Hoo,

She shines like lightening flashes and hovers over heads - Hoo,

Like golden brick of Hazrat Isa (A.S) Bahoo, it slaughters the wayfarers in quests - Hoo.



A metaphor of a woman, to whom everybody is attracted and then faces the fate of 3 travelers.


It could be an allusive tale. Who become morally Blind and pay the heaviest price in this world.

Three persons travelling found at reassure; First went to get the food; poisoned it while on return, the remaining two killed the first and ate the poisoned food and died, none could get the golden treasure