دنیا ڈھونڈن والے کتے در در پھرن حیرانی ھُو
ہڈی اُتے ہوڑ تنہاں دی لڑدیاں عمر وہانیط ھُو
عقل دے کو تاہ سمجھ نہ جاننط پیون دا لوڑن پانیط ھُو
باجھوں ذکر ربے دے باھُوؒ کوڑی رام کہانی ھُو


Worldly materialistic dogs are wondering door to door in confused state Hoo

Over bone they persist in fighting all their life’s trait Hoo

Fools don’t understand and their search for water never abate Hoo

Without remembrance of Allah ‘Bahoo’ rest is feeble tale’s spate Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

Those people who are wondering like dogs going door to door in search of worldly material and they remain in state of confusion. They remain fighting over wealth with their siblings and others. They cannot remain content with what they have and with greed they want more by hook or crook. Those fools don’t understand that they are provided food by Allah and yet they are searching for water. If they remain content, He who has provided them with food has provision for water. They don’t have to seek worldly material like hungry dog. Without dhikr of Allah all else is merely feeble tale.

Those who seek materialism are like wandering dogs, always bewildered - Hoo,

Their whole life is lost fighting just to win a bone - Hoo,

They are senseless people who despite having subsistence from Lord are searching food - Hoo,

Except remembrance of the Lord Bahoo, all else are just tales - Hoo.