دودھ تے دہی ہر کوئی رڑکے عاشق بھا رڑکیندے ھُو
تن چٹورا من مندھانیط آہیں نال ھلیندے ھُو
دکھاں دا نیترا کڈھے لسکارے غماں دا پانیط پیندے ھُو
نام فقیر تنہاں دا باھُوؒ جیہڑے ہڈاں توں مکھنط  کڈھیندے ھُو


Everyone churns milk and yogurt ardent lover churn longing fire Hoo

They take body as churning pot and their spirit as churner and with sighs churning they acquire Hoo

The cord of longing pain glitter and they add essence of sorrow Hoo

Sufi is thy name ‘Bahoo’ who extracts butter from bone marrow Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

Everyone churns milk and yogurt but ardent lover churns with fire of love. They take their body as churning pot and their spirit as churner they churn with breathing in and out with dhikr of Allah and then they will access the Gnostics of Allah. Breathing in dhikr is like cord of longing pain it glows inside, they sustain tests on the path, and they remain steadfast on the path. Ones name will only be Sufi when His bones are engaged in dhikr.

Everyone churns milk and curd but the lovers (Aashiq) churn fire (of love) - Hoo,

They use body as big pot, soul as churner and with sigh churn - Hoo,

The churning face sobs with grief and tears pour water into it - Hoo,

Only those are honored with title of ‘Faqeer’ Bahoo, who get butter out their bones – Hoo