دلیلاں چھوڑ وجودوں ہو ہشیار فقیرا ھُو
بنھ توکل پنچھی اُڈدے پلے خرچ نہ زیرا ھُو
روز روزی اُڈ کھان ہمیشہ نہیں کردے نال ذخیرا ھُو
مولا خرچ پوہنچاوے باھُوؒ جو پتھر وچ کیڑا ھُو


Relinquish reasoning from your being O seeker of truth! And be vigilant in your tone Hoo

Birds fly off with trust in Allah and travel provision they have none Hoo

They always have their daily food and yet storage they have none Hoo

Providence provides food ‘Bahoo’ for worm in the stone Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

Take out negative thoughts from your beings and remain vigilant from Satan and collusion of your base self. Birds fly away in the morning with trust in Allah, they do not store any food with them, and yet when they return they are satiated. You have to trust Allah for all your provisions. You have to sew the seed and leave the result to Allah.

Relinquish (false) reasoning from yourself; ‘O’ Lover (Faqeer), and be smart - Hoo,

Trust Allah like birds who fly around at day break without even a grain to eat - Hoo,

They fly around daily and get food and never store it - Hoo,

Allah provides even for the insect Bahoo, that lives inside a stone - Hoo.



In Islamic code of life, a Muslim has to believe in Allah (SWT) if he faces severities of life. It is only Allah (SWT) Who can resolve the situation according to the divine design, which no one can perceive.